Pointing-out Instructions

Here are some powerful pointing-out instructions of different teachers. This is all you need to wake up. [...] »

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Sky Gazing and Death

My father died last week. I will live a little longer and then die as well. He died without much struggle; for some hours I was breathing with him, then the breathing just stopped and there was space and peace. How can I prepare to let go the same way at the time of death? And how can I [...] »

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We are already at home

In our courses is happens frequently that the whole group slides effortlessly into a place of deep stillness and contentment. Where a shift happens from the identification with thoughts, and feelings, and history, and likes, and dislikes, to finding out who or what is actually aware of this moment. This recognition of the peace, which is already always there, [...] »

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Spread your wings

I once heard a story of a man who found an eagle's egg on the ground in a forest. It had fallen out of the nest. He picked up the egg and brought it home to his chicken farm, and here he put it into one of the chickens nests. And the chicken hatched the egg. Once hatched, the eagle [...] »

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Stay close and do nothing

„Stay close and do nothing“ is the title of a book on caring for the Dying. It is also sound advice for meditation practitioners and psychotherapists. If we can stay with the sensation of a challenging emotion in our body, if we don’t follow the fight-or-flight instinct, our compulsion to run away or struggle with the energy, transformation can happen [...] »

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Start at the end

“The end is where we start from”. So said the title of an exhibition at the Miro museum in Barcelona. It had just ended when we arrived. So that was a perfect beginning. The end. We keep running into ends these days. Jung termed it synchronicity. It started in our mindfulness-in-everyday-life-group last Monday. After the silent sitting in the beginning [...] »

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