There is Nothing to do


This course invites you to let go of all effort to be or become anything other than who you are right now. You come to see directly that there is nothing to attain and that there is nothing to do in meditation. Only by letting everything be as it is will you find genuine fulfillment. The conference calls, a Facebook group and exercises for daily life are an excellent support to connect with nondual awareness right where you are living.

Resting in natural peace

We will explore the possibility to be in a place of contentment in the present moment. The shared exercises and the conference calls are an invitation to discover and connect with your innate capability to be at ease with yourself and your life, just as it is.  Paradoxically from this way of resting with who you are new energies will emerge and transformation happens.
Together we will explore how to rest in the very nature of your being, in what is sometimes called the natural state, original mind, pure awareness, no mind, or simply emptiness.

Structure of the course

This three month course consists of conference calls every second Sunday evening from 19.00 – 20.00 and practices for daily life in written form and recordings of guided meditations. You will be invited to a closed Facebook group where we can discuss and exchange our work with the daily practices.

Connect with others on the conference calls

The calls support abiding in unconditioned awareness in the midst of our everyday life. We cultivate nondual presence in a natural way by connecting with each other without pressure. We will use silence, exercises and dialogues to rest in the space of fulfillment. During these calls we rest confidently in the radiance of pure being by doing nothing!

The next online course “Beyond Mindfulness” starts in September 2017.

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