City Retreat in Stockholm – Path to Awakening

  • March 8th, 2019 - March 10th, 2019
    7:00 pm - 4:00 pm

“Dwelling deep within our heart, and within the hearts of all beings without exception, is an inexhaustible source of love and wisdom. And the ultimate purpose of all spiritual practices, whether they are called Buddhist or not, is to uncover and make contact with this essentially pure nature.” – Lama Yeshe

Tibetan Masters have for centuries developed a time-tested, logical, sequential and practical roadmap to help guide spiritual seekers on the path, from suffering to liberation. This unique teaching came to be called Lam-Rim, or gradual Path to Enlightenment and has been transmitted by Tibetan Masters like His Holiness the Dalai Lama into our modern times.

During the weekend we will explore different aspects of these teachings and learn guided meditations, which are remarkably relevant for our daily life and relationships.

The weekend is suitable for beginners of any background who want to start their journey with profound and easy to apply techniques and experienced students who want to deepen their practice.

There is the possibility to join a summer retreat north of Stockholm to deepen our experience of the teachings.

All teachings are in English.

Evening talk Friday, March 8th 19-21

Weekend retreat 9-10 March (10-17 Saturday, 10-16 Sunday)

Place: Yeshe Norbu Mind Training Centre

Roslagsgatan 62
Stockholm, 113 56 Sweden


About pricing

Any money we make immediately goes back into running the center, teaching mind training and helping people to lead happier lives through our courses and events. Any surplus goes to supporting the various community services of FPMT which we are affiliated with.

Yeshe Norbu is a non-profit organization and we value our place in the community immensely and hope you value our contribution as well.

Thus the price of our various courses and events are to be seen as recommended donations. To guide our visitors as to what a reasonable donation to pay is, we have three different “price levels” for all our events:

  • Reduced price. This price is for people who for whatever reason have financial challenges, such as students or pensioners. (Our policy is to never turn anyone away if they can’t afford to pay, so if even the reduced price is too much, please contact us.)
  • Regular price. This is the price-point that covers the cost of running the events (venue, donations to teachers, travel costs, etc.) By paying this price you contribute to the centre being able to stay open and offer our program.
  • Super generous price. If you want to support people of lesser means to attend courses and teachings, this price level offers an opportunity to practice generosity. This price is for people who feel they have a little extra to spare for the benefit of others.


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