Mindful Communication – The Dream Matrix

  • March 10th, 2014
    10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Circle on IcelandMindful Communication

The Matrix is a way to practice mindful communication while exploring life and death and everything that really matters. It’s about listening to the others, staying connected in your body, noticing what arises in you and sharing that. This may be another dream, a memory from your life or a day dream. We don’t discuss, we make space for diversity. Its letting the mind roam free in a non-judgmental fashion.


The Common Ground 

A Dream Matrix is an opportunity to share your dreams with others. The focus is on the dream, not the dreamer. You tell your dream to the others in the matrix, but the dream is not interpreted on a personal level. It is shared story telling. A possibility for you to realize you are not alone.
In the Matrix dreams are seen as a gift to the community. It is a way to communicate within a group about what matters socially and spiritually. The Dream Matrix uncovers challenges and resources of our culture and the shared human condition.

Integrating the shadow

From a Jungian perspective dreams are letters from your unconscious self. In Tibetan Buddhism dreams carry the potential to communicate with your inner wisdom, sometimes called Buddha Nature. The Matrix is our unconscious creative minds working together as one. To integrate the shadow Jung would say, to integrate the demon, the Buddhist would say.

Cultivate Wisdom and Compassion

In the Matrix we are available for dwelling in possibility, inspired by the recognition of the infinite, the not-knowing, of being in doubt and uncertainty. Our innate wisdom will bring us to a place of hope and vision.

Date: 10 March, 18.00 – 21.00

Price: 150 DKK

Registration: none, just drop in.


Venue Phone: 50363688

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Nybrogade 26 A, København K, 1208, Denmark

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