Soften to yourself

Saturday afternoon we cried. Reliving and relieving an 20 years old  pain brought to life by a man’s dream figure. Monday night we all laughed. Mirroring and bathing in a woman’s happiness. That’s one of the wonders of doing inner work with others. It becomes evident that your pain is my pain, your joy, my joy. We all swim the same waters. We fly the same air. Sons and daughters of life itself and of each other.

Express your Dream Stories

Sharing your story with strangers may be deeply touching. If you dare to open and be honest it connects “you” to “me” and “we” become one.  Dream stories do so in very powerful ways. They fast forward the process. Not only of personal growth but also of group building.

Dreams are expressions of our innermost  essence, the wise, the Buddha nature. But also of other thoughts and feelings we so skillfully try to hide during the day. The ugly parts, the vulnerability, the doubts, the inferiority. The suffering, that keeps us down and apart. That’s what the dreams talk about in their own creative language.

BluetenkraftEvery time you share the darkness, you take a load of your own shoulders but also of others. You allow me to be human, in all my self created misery, my pain, my fear, my anger. And wonder of wonders! It does not increase by being shared. It may seem so at the moment. Or for some days. But in the long run,  which might take only a couple of minutes, the sharing of suffering makes it dissolve into bearable pain. And joy of joy! Wisdom arises, creativity, compassion. Seize that moment whenever it occurs. Soften towards yourself and others.

Welcome to the Mindful Dream World.

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