Spread your wings

baldEagle-illustI once heard a story of a man who found an eagle’s egg on the ground in a forest. It had fallen out of the nest. He picked up the egg and brought it home to his chicken farm, and here he put it into one of the chickens nests. And the chicken hatched the egg.

Once hatched, the eagle grew up thinking it was a chicken. It learned to live like a chicken and think like a chicken, running around, scratching the ground and making chicken noises. At night it went back to the chicken coop, and slept on the chicken ladder like any other chicken. One day when all the chickens were outside, they saw an eagle soaring high above in the sky and the little chicken-eagle exclaimed “Oh, how wonderful!” and asked his mother “What is that?” The chicken-mother answered: “Oh, they are different. We are chickens and we live on the ground. They are completely different from us.”  And so the little chicken-eagle lived his life like a chicken until he finally died.

Express your potential

That’s how many of us live: Little chicken lives instead of spreading our wings and expressing our true nature. We don’t express what we are meant to express, because we limit ourselves through belief systems, through destructive concepts and thoughts. Like the chicken-eagle who limited himself through the belief that he was a chicken, not even testing if he could fly in the sky. Had he looked in the mirror – or the nearest puddle – it would have been obvious, who he really was, since he plainly looked like an eagle.

Coming out as an eagle

The two wings we are supposed to open and use are loving-kindness and wisdom; understanding reality, understanding how things really exist. The mirror is the meditations, your awareness, and the group. My courses and retreats are invitations for you to spread your wings.

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