Start at the end

lotus white“The end is where we start from”. So said the title of an exhibition at the Miro museum in Barcelona. It had just ended when we arrived. So that was a perfect beginning. The end. We keep running into ends these days. Jung termed it synchronicity.

It started in our mindfulness-in-everyday-life-group last Monday. After the silent sitting in the beginning we saw it in the eyes of the others: the openness, the presence, the ease with all just as it is. No one had solved any of the problems we had arrived with.

So these questions arose:
Why not start at this end?
Why bother to go through the motions every day?
We speculated how differently we could have experienced the day if we had started at this end. And we wondered, what a difference would we have made to the people around us?

There is a Tibetan practice called “taking the result into the path”, where you start with being complete, being fulfilled. This is what we invite you to play with.

Be playful in what you experience

Start from the end every morning. Of course it seems to be difficult. We harbor dark memories of yesteryear, grudges against people, we have agendas to fulfill and disasters to wait on. And we need to work on that. Mindfulness and dreamwork are excellent means. But while you work, why not play with it and live a little from the end?

From the precious moment where you relax and realize disaster didn’t hit today, the inner judge was wrong, and the person next to you is just as lovable as you yourself. Why not start from the end?

‘It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards,’ the Queen remarked. – Lewis Carroll

Jetthe Fabioola

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