Stay close and do nothing

natural roots„Stay close and do nothing“ is the title of a book on caring for the Dying. It is also sound advice for meditation practitioners and psychotherapists.

If we can stay with the sensation of a challenging emotion in our body, if we don’t follow the fight-or-flight instinct, our compulsion to run away or struggle with the energy, transformation can happen on its own.

Make use of inner resources

Patience and compassion are two resources which support this gesture. With patience we can witness the mind running through its reactive, patterned responses. Compassion creates the container in which transformation and healing happens.

Get to know your Energies

“Stay close” is an invitation to become intimate with your energy of emotions, to befriend them and to trust their natural evolution. “Do nothing” points to the practice of giving space, allowing and letting be as a valid response to a difficult moment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if “Doing nothing” was more encouraged in our world and in our spiritual practices? Not as resignation but as an expression of trust into our basic goodness and self-healing capacity.

Stay close to yourself, and you can stay close to anyone.

Do it now by listening to this guided Meditation

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