image of Buddha holding a plant

Awakening is not the absence of pain

In my courses, you learn how to live differently in relation to your pain as a form of pain management. You are invited to touch, to embrace the nature of your experience, without judging it. Your experience is neither good nor bad, it simply is. With acceptance, there is much more freedom in your life. My work is an invitation to be present to your inner life without judgment. You discover that you are much bigger than your experience, much bigger than any emotion. You are vast; you can’t even find your boundaries.

Sharing leads to healing

Pain management is not about handing or controling your pain. Pain is to be experienced and shared with others. In this way, your pain does not become suffering, but stepping stones on the path of awakening.

We are all connected with each other. It is through sharing that we can experience this connectedness. There is no safety in keeping things hidden, keeping all the pain to yourself doesn’t heal anything. You need to talk about it. This opportunity you have, either in one of my meditation groups or private guidance sessions.

Pain management and being whole just as you

You can stop wanting some other life, some other past, some other reality. You can stop fighting against the truth of yourself and, by just being present, open to your own experience. Liberation comes with stopping the struggle and becoming fully present in your own life, just as it is.

This pathway to pain management can be challenging, but you are stronger than even you realize. This lojong meditation series may serve as a guide along your journey of healing, helping you transform problems.

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