Mindfulness Guidance

People are fundamentally good. I provide mindfulness guidance because of my faith in the deep nature of people. We are social beings with innate wisdom and compassion, capable of co-existing harmoniously while honoring our individuality and interests. 

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Teaching philosophy

Together, we focus on self-regulating and self-healing powers in the personality. We also explore opportunities for healing and developing through your relationships with others. Through mindfulness guidance, I help you in this search for internal resources. 

For centuries, Buddhists have known that we can end our self-destructive habits. This Buddhist view on humans is parallel to modern research in psychotherapy and altruism. There are fascinating parallels between Western science and the wisdom of ancient Buddhism, which we can explore together.

Emotional alchemy and transformation

Everyone experiences anger, sadness, and despair. Most of us want to get rid of difficult emotions, to skip the pain and go directly to the joy of being. But real freedom comes from the ability to allow feelings to arise, to appear, play themselves out and leave on their own. That is the training of true equanimity.

buddhist statue with flower petals, , representing mindfulness guidance
closed eye of a Buddhist statue, representing mindfulness guidance

Get mindfulness guidance with

  • Bringing unused resources into your everyday life
  • Practicing how to create an internal environment
  • Learning to stay connected with the energy of painful emotions
  • Attending to and befriending the energy of your emotions, mindfully surrendering
  • Experiencing any feeling, without suppressing or becoming overwhelmed by it

In sessions, we focus on

  • Developing a solid and healthy sense of your social self
  • Combining psychodynamic understanding with meditation and spiritual experiences
  • Deepening meditation practices without getting lost or even hooked on lofty experiences
  • Healing the wounds that most of us are inflicted with during our upbringings – whatever the intentions and qualities of our parents
  • Recognizing and resting within your indestructible core, what is sometimes called Buddha-Nature or pure awareness.

Mindfulness guidance for the body

It is important for anyone practicing meditation in the West to place awareness firmly back in relation to feeling and the body. The bodywork I share is gentle and mindful. My mindfulness guidance is based on the Tibetan Yoga (Kum Nye).

Usually, we flee from the physical sensations into our minds. We turn feelings into thoughts, and we push the bodily aspect away. But our emotional states are physical experiences.

When we experience the complexity of our emotions as physical experiences they become more tolerable. In this way, transformation and healing may happen naturally.

flowers on a Buddhist statue, representing mindfulness guidance

Nonjudgmental, compassionate presence is a gift. Stephen is clearly alive in this awareness and conveys in an open and heartfelt way this present.


I am unable to accept new clients until April 2024, at which time I will re-evaluate the situation. If possible, I hope to work with you in the future and will update the website when I begin accepting new clients.

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