Join a meditation retreat or event

Throughout the year, I offer a variety of meditation events for both newcomers to meditation and experienced practitioners. Many of these teachings and retreats are suitable for both, offering opportunities for shared learning and development amongst participants. No matter where you are on the mindfulness journey of discovery, you will find an event that can help you along the way.

Meditation events for all

Join a meditation retreat, mindfulness event, or spiritual teaching regardless of where you currently call home. If you are based in Europe or considering traveling to this region, I lead numerous meditation retreats in Austria, Denmark, and Sweden.

Occasionally, I can be found at meditation retreats in other parts of the world, including the United States. Often you can join from anywhere, online. I also provide regular meditations and mindfulness teachings online that are accessible for people living in different time zones.

Many of my meditation events are in English. Some of my events are delivered in German so their descriptions are also written in German. If you would like to join a series, but cannot attend all the teachings, it may be possible to receive recordings.

spiritual images at a meditation event

For any questions regarding these retreats, please be sure to contact the organizer mentioned in the event description. As I am not involved in the arrangements, I cannot provide details beyond a general refund policy and requirements for participants. Should you have any trouble contacting the organizer, please send a message to my personal assistant at:

I hope to see you soon, virtually and/or in person! It has been wonderful developing these supportive meditation groups, with international backgrounds. Through sharing personal experiences and insight, our meditation practices are enriched and our self-discovery is deepened. We look forward to welcoming new members to our mindfulness communities.

Rather than going into technical and intellectual jargon, Stephan shares and promotes a group setting that is ITSELF the expression of what is being sought with any spiritual practice. 

One can simply bathe and rest in the manifestation of an understanding beyond words and see how one’s own being becomes clarified as lovable, peaceful, unshakable and fundamentally OK.