Mindfulness Lectures

Through mindfulness lectures, I aim to inspire action, kindness, and insight. Students have appreciated how I make profound topics accessible, often through a sense of humor. By generating a supportive and compassionate atmosphere, each individual is encouraged to access and share their inner resources.

Motivational speaker

My motivational speeches can run from just fifteen minutes to a few hours, depending on your needs. They can stand alone, be incorporated into public conferences, or form part of in-house events within organizations. In addition to providing lectures and workshops, I can also serve as a corporate consultant.

Stephan Pende, mindfulness lecturer, in front of a mountain
Stephan Pende, hiking as part of a mindfulness workshop

Potential themes for your mindfulness lecture

  • Mindfulness in medicine and psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness and education
  • Stress and burnout prophylaxis
  • Mindful communication
  • Meditation in cooperate life
  • Mindful leadership

Mindfulness lecture on healing

The Healing Power of Mind is a transcript of a teaching I gave in 2004 in Copenhagen. Our minds have a tremendous ability to affect our physical bodies. What we visualize in our minds directly affects the physiology of our bodies. It has been found that positive and creative visualizations foster healing in our bodies because our mind and body are connected. 

mountains, where a mindfulness lecture was delivered

Deeper studies in the Buddhist tradition, with Stephan Pende, helps to change your behavior from only thinking about yourself, to also include others. What is best for all, is also best for you. The meaning of this deep understanding will reveal itself for you.


If you are interested in potentially scheduling a lecture or corporate consultation, please write my personal assistant at: stephanpende@gmail.com