Stephan Pende in a field, opening his arm to represent guided meditations

How to listen to my guided meditations

Where to access my guided meditations

You can find some of my guided meditations on this website, but you can access even more through several podcasts and my YouTube channel.

For English speakers, I have podcasts on Soundcloud and Insight Timer. There are several options for listening, such as downloading episodes from the Soundcloud website or accessing the Natural Meditation podcast on Spotify. Both Soundcloud and Insight Timer have nice apps for your smartphone.

If you want to hear guided meditations in German, I have a podcast called “Reines Gewahrsein” on Hearthis. They have an app and you can also find Reines Gewahrsein on Spotify.

My two podcast, “Natural Meditation” and “Reines Gewahrsein”, are available on many apps, like iTunes, Stitcher, Tuneln Radio, and Apple podcast. I prefer Pocket Casts, a podcast app available on iOS and Android.

Pointing-out instructions for guided meditations

To help you with meditating, here are some powerful pointing-out instructions from different teachers. This is all you need to wake up.

Quotes to inspire your meditation practice

Here are some quotes which can inspire you in your meditation practice. Go slowly through them and reflect. What feelings, thoughts and images come up? Is there any quote which speaks to you and which you want to take with you into your day?

You can also download the picture and put it onto your device as a reminder.