Buddhist statue inside tree roots, representing inner peace

We are already at home

There is nowhere else to go

Frequently in my courses the whole group slides effortlessly into a place of deep stillness and contentment. This shift happens from identifying with thoughts, feelings, backgrounds, likes, and dislikes, to finding out who or what is actually aware of this moment. The essence of my work is recognizing this inner peace, which is already always there.

Creating the right conditions for inner peace

To rest in this natural peace for longer and more frequent periods of time, you need to create the right conditions. I invite you to create these conditions for connecting with the kindness and freedom of your own being. Make this connection by:

  • Working with your emotions
  • Establishing a mindfulness practice
  • Connecting with the Tara practice
  • Cultivating self-compassion
  • Connecting with others at mindfulness events

Inner peace is always available

My assumption is that, at this moment, you can open the door to inner peace without becoming someone else or being in another place. Just by looking inside, at what is and embracing it with a loving heart, can bring you peace. Right now you could step into this place. This place is so close to you that you oversee it.

There is stillness and peace in the background of the wanting, dissatisfied mind. There is underlying peace and stillness, beyond these words, in this room, wherever you are, right now! Could you allow yourself, just for a moment, to find that place of rest?

Separation is an illusion

According to the teachings of the Buddha, we are like a wave on the ocean. Like a wave, we forget our connection to the ocean and identify with this little part called our body, thoughts and memories. We feel separated from the whole, separated from other people, making us fearful.

It is my little me here, the most important person in the world, and there is this big other, everyone and everything else, which is overwhelming and frightening. The wave forgets and misidentifies itself as this little thing coming out of the ocean, rather than recognizing its connections with a deeper reality, the vastness of the ocean.

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